“Avsnitt” (or “chapters”) is the name of the ninth exhibition of the swedish artist Johanna Karlsson in Magnus Karlsson Galleri, taking place in Stockholm since May 22 to June 29.

Chapters. Detailed sections of nature that Johanna Karlsson dissects and rebuilds, a calibrated walk on the edge between the city and the countryside.

It’s a nature overshadowed by the influence of civilisation, whispering untold stories about broken rocks and felled trees. In Johanna Karlsson’ sculptures an occasional situation becomes something extremely significant: an excavated hole is the scar of past ages and the sign of what is yet to come.

The result is a scientific presentation with an huge emotional load: it’s not an archeological search, it’s an exploration of what we choose to cherish and what we rather reject in our natural environment. Such a nature exploration does not include any symbolic or thematic narrative, since it’s conceived as the story of all thing’s birth.



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