“Cyclone” is an audio-video installation focused on real or imaginary borders, presented at the Reykjavìk Art Festival this year. The curator is Mari Krappala (Finland), in collaboration with six artists from Iceland, Finland and Estonia.

In meteorology a cyclone is an area of closed, circular fluid motion rotating in the same direction of Earth.

This cyclone is as interesting as the scientific one. It looks for occasions and thoughts that are locking us, it follow us until the border of immobility is overpassed, and we loose our ability to imagine.

“Cyclone” is a narrative continuum, with an incessant confrontation with the other or just with ourselves. It leads us to the threshold in an unrestrainable circular motion. In the same direction as the Earth.

MARI KRAPPALA (b. 1968) is a writer, a curator and a theorist. Her criticism and curatorial projects are focused on contemporary art, above all on the analysis of borders and roots, and imaginary way to live with(out) them. Her work is based on contemporary art, photography and Luce Irigaray’s philosophy of the ethics and sexual difference.

Currently she’s concentrated on her curatorial work with indipendent art groups, mostly interested into inter-asrtistic fields.




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