“Divine Duality” is an exhibition by latvian artists Viktorija Eksta and Raimonds Līcītis, that will be open since 5th June untile 31th July in Latvian Center for Contemporary Art (Riga).

The interactive exposition is structured so that, until the visitors will follow the instructions on the floor, they will be able to see each other in usual contests. The point of the stage is to underline the rethorical question of whether our convictions influence another one’s reflections.

In the exhibition there will be objects jointly created as well as works made individually – Viktorija Eksta’s photographs and  Raimonds Līcītis’ paintings – in which they try to render the conception of each other.

The artists, although they belong to different generations, have met years ago and mainteined a dialogue: “The is no real clarity as to what’s taking place between us. Current. Clouds. Notebooks. Lard. Drunk tank. Rabbish bag. Geraium. (…)”.

Raimonds Līcītis (b. 1948) achieved the fame relatively recently. In 2003 he received the Autumn Exhibition’s main prize, the impressionist style of his landscapes-sketches were the most astonishing surprise at the exhibition: but the artist was not a discovery.

He studied at the Janis Rozentāls Rīga Art High School, but he also tried to stay far from the official art system.

Viktorija Eksta (b. 1987) is a young artist mainly interested in portraits and self-portraits. She is currently studying at the Art Academy of Latvia’s Department of Audio-Visual Culture: she has developed a project, Time Machine, dedicated to cinema newsreels.



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