“The works are stepping stones around the space inside the head. Hummocks on which you can sit to catch your breath.”

In Margrét Blöndal idea, her works are road signs. To activate their inner signification it’s useless to force them to communicate. It’s all about keep turning, selecting, adjusting, waiting patiently until the same object reveals its proper features. There is no story to communicate, no teaching to receive: her installation are actually spacial poems, weaved with tissues and materials extrapolated by everyday context.

The pieces of cloth, the rolled wire, the almost mutilated space push the observer to perceive a new spacial configuration, where the object are nomads trying to find themself and their identity.

Because of this special trait, her fragile sculptures have found a perfect setting in Tabucchi’s Factory (Rovereto, Italy)  in 2008. ‘Teeming I’ and ‘Teeming II’ were the answer of the artist at the space call, a space esthetically marked by its previous manifacturing use.

The most amazing thing about Blöndal’s works is the ability to keep a perfect balance between stretch and rest, lightness and weight, opposite colours united with the purpose to delineate the space.
It’s an idea of art deeply emotional, sensual, human.

manifesta07 manifesta15 Margrét_H._Blöndal bloendal-21




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