Rune Guneriussen (b. 1977), is one of the most famous norwegian artists. Educated in England, at Surrey Institute of Art and  Design, his work is primarly conceptual and site specific, mostly situated in nature.

Although strongly photogaphic, his work is mainly based on the idea of installation. It’s the process itself that fascinates him, a process involving the object, the story, the environment, the time: the long one-man work is  an observation about the balance between human being and nature.
Rune Guneriessen never gave a steady definition of his art, he rather indicates a path in order to understanding a story.

The ‘Land of Lost Lamps’ series are one of his most fascintaing works.
Lamps are both extremely symbolical and concrete: they are the strongest image of fire, of mankind getting the power of lights, discovering it by the nature. The message of lamps changes from image to image, however they keep to preserve their magical aura. His installations are actually a whisper of our story, the story of every human being that find himself looking into the fire and philosophizing about the greatest mysteries.

Guneriussen’s ideas are basically the result of his personal involvement in different issues, while the concrete development of an installation is quite a slow process: several years of work can be resumed in a single picture.

Norway is the most beloved backgroud for his installations, also because of the great knowledge of his country, which is  basic for the perfect combination of ideas and settings. Also, Norway offers a magical, untouched nature and shifts in weather that can influence directly on the result of an installation.


Picture 007 rg11 rg10 Rune_G Rune_G_1_1HR




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