“I think it’s great that you can be as foolish as you want and later someone makes research about it and develops the subject. Carbonez was talking about collective memory of Estonians. When I’m working with art, the movement happens somewhere in  borders of an intuition. It’s hard to explain. Even if it’s clear what I’m trying to achieve.”


Villu Jaanisoo, (b. 1963 in Tallinn) lives and works in Helsinki, his work has often been presented both in solo and in  group exhibitions since 1984. As a sculptor, his main feature is a versatile use of materials and quite a personal  interpretation of traditional disciplines. His idea of art is ironic and snappy, certainly surprising.

One of the most important leitmotiv of his art is the importance of recycling, meaning a real creative process which also has the aim to remind us who we are and what are we surrounded by: ‘Rubber Duck’ and ‘Goethe” are strong exemples of what material can become, if understood and reshaped in a new form.
The material is also meant as the substance we are made of.  With a unique conceptual approach, Jaanisoo’s installations suggest a journey to the past, following the chain of generations till the final acknowledgment of our fathers
legacy. There’s such a philosophical meaning in works as “Father and Sons”, that the observer finds himself astonished.

At last, Villu Jaanissoo proposes some kind of collective voice, as he effectively prove with “Wave” at the Eesti Kunstimuuseum in 2009.
“Wave” features hundreds of speakers on poles, all connected to produce a unique sound similar to the ocean waves: the most surprising trait about the installation is that the sound actually moves along the speakers, as the waves move.

jaanisoo2jaanisoo4 Jaanisoo3 jaanisoo1




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