“I analyze myself in my work while also invoking psychoanalysis and sociology in order to investigate and depict feminine nature more generally”.

In Monika Furmanavičiūtė’s works an analytical mind is combined with a clear attention for the senses.
Social and psychological issues, as well as her own experience, are the foundations of her creative force, basically focused on the image of women in our mentality and the relationship between both genders: a relationship often expressed with symbols of space, time and transience.
Her point of view results in the melancholy, the despair hidden behind the subjects, represented as splitted figures with bleeding eyes: the effect is deeply emotional and pathetic.

The material ground of her painting is silk, which becomes a proper skin, as a symbol of tactile experience.  Her additional use of other materials, as food and medicines, is also quite symbolical: our lives are similarly overlaids by these kind of products. Furmanavičiūtė’s paintings can actually be perceived as inner spaces, crossing through the pornographic and consumerist arena where we live.

The artist uses a dreamlike language, torn between real figures and abstract details, between painting and psychological analysis. The result is a sensuous and intellectual art, a mixture of reality and fragments of dream: it’s actually a perfect balance between a modern mind and the archaism of our unconscious impulses.




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