” When everything is beautiful and transparent,for instance at a swimming pool in Sonoma County, California, under the sun, close to the vineyards and surrounded by people in summer clothing, then there could be a shadow down in the water.”

Stina Brokman, as a photographer, is mainly interested in the nuances of shadows.
She’s exploring the possibilities and the limitation of digital photography in order to trap that particular shade of darkness hidden beyond the light. As shadows, her photographies dissolve any difference between outer and inner reality: the observer finds himself staring at the most inner experience, ectasy, inhibition, roughness, worries.
Her work is a statement of what’s less obvious in the human being, those fragments of aggressiveness and sensuality we try to keep secrets: her bodies are pure sensation.

Stina Brockman has had solo exhibition at the Culture House (Stockholm) and at the Malmö Art Hall, as well as in several other countries. She’s very well known and appreciated for her originality and because of the emotional quality of her works.
Although till the 1990s she used big format camera and old photographic methods in order to create a nuanced artistic language, currently she’s more interested into the digital techniques and distortions: she actually stretches the limits using the defects of techniques to create new sensations.
The aim of her work is to yield a glimpse of human darkness, shining strongly in the dazzling daylight.

Nr 3   (from "1-8") ur serien Ansikte 1997 Iiiih!  (from "h!")



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