Ritual, minimalism and dialogue.

These are the bases of danish artist Jeppe Hein (b. 1974), living and working in Copenaghen.
His experimental and interactive artworks are in the middle of contemporary art range, as actually positioned at the junction of sculpture, architecture and multimedial installation. Though his work surely joins the parameters of Minimalism and Conceptual Art of the 1970s, it preserves a freshness and an ironical component totally original and surprising.
Besides, the human factor is essential in order to make the installation work.

Mirrors and other reflective surfaces are perfect to ensure a communication between human being and art. Our reflection is natured one of the most attractive thing to analyze: there is no mistery more fascinating than ourselves.
Jeppe Hein exploits visual phenomenons and different ways to introduce the viewer to a certain point of view: corner and angles are carefully studied to present new sights, new slants, new outlooks.
The space is stretched and compressed, it becomes ambiguous, it’s a new land where we are fleeting presences.

The final effect is simply amazing, especially when inserted in a particular environment. “3-Dimensional Circle” is a combination of semi-circular openings in each of the three mirrors set in the wood. The sculpture suddenly merges with the surrounding environment and revives only when the viewer approaches: it’s a physical and psychological challenge, that push the observer to interact with Hein’s work in active and playful manner.

jeppehein4 jeppehein1 jeppehein8 jeppehein5


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