“Time is just a feature of Universe created by God.
Space and time not only determine everything happening in the Universe but also themselves change under the influence of  every event in it. Neither Time nor Space exist outside the Universe, consequently the latter is finite: there is a  beginning and end to it.”

Time is essential in Solveiga Vasiljeva’s production: the artist propose a particular conception of time – physical, biologial and subjective – as a tagle of mysteries and paradoxes. Time is a fluid, spreading as water and picking different directions.
The most we try to control it, the most it seems to escape. Like a soap bubble, as we get closer it explodes.

Vasiljeva (b. 1954) entered the scene of Latvian contemporary art in the 90s and rapidly achieved a great success with her surreal stone sculptures and cycles of abstract drawings. Later she also explored the increasing world of digital graphic
and installations, always keeping a clear fil rouge concerning the themes.

Subjects of her analysis are linked in fact to cosmic issues, as well as to theoretical physics, biochemistry and discoveries in space research. Her creative work can also be related to the stream of New Ages ideas.
Using mere mediums as white pencil on black background, the artist probes the idea of essence and the impossibility to  reproduce it in art: a huge mistery as the universe can be summarized in a smokescreen, in order to represent space just filling it.


solveiga2 solveiga3 solveiga5




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