last flight6

“That’s what the world is after all, an endless battle of contrasting memories”  Murakami, 1Q84

2 July 1937:  the american aviator Amelia Earheart disappeared in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  The same year  began the construction of a bridge that will later bear her name. Her death, declared in absentia in 1939, still attracts several speculations: some affirm she became a spy for Franklin D. Roosvelt, others declare that she was the Tokyo Rose or that she survived the crash of her plane and was executed by the japanese.
In 2007 the Amelia Eraheart Bridge was declared unsafe, and demolished in 2013: the twisted steel of the old bridge still lies on the bed of the Missouri River, awfully similar to the probable end of the famous pioneer of aviation.

This is the prologue of Peter Funch’s new project “Last Flight, an American Anthology”, that will be exposed since the 7th of June in V1 Gallery (Copenaghen). Through a work composed by 75 photographies, the danish artist arranges a visual journey  to Kansas in order to record Amelia Earheart Bridge demolition and its complex meaning.

The work combines Funch’s varied skills, from a sober journalistic reportage to a vivid and emotional composition.
Starting with the dramatic epicenter of the event, the demolition of the bridge by drones, the artist gives us a multiple point of view: his paired photos stimulate a transition of seeing, from what is exactley in front of you to what’s hiding behind. It’s an anthropological approach that leads to a fragmented framework, an amazing broken language where still the  viewer is invited to create his own narrative. The framework trait is mirrored in the exhibition installation, with its temporary wooden walls and works in various sizes, hung on or placed on the floor.

“Last Flight” is a monumental project, where several themes coexist to awake our conscience: casuality, faith, myth, facts, fiction, reality, destruction, creation.
In the end, the world.

Peter Funch (b. 1974, Copenaghen) works and lives in New York, his projects have recently been shown at the International
Photo Festival, as well as in Brazil, Denmark, Germany and USA.

V1 Gallery (Flæsketorvet 69 – 71 , Copenaghen)
7 June – 28 June 2014

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