Finnish artist duo Tommi Grönlund (b.1967) and Petteri Nisunen (b.1962) are famous to create sculptural installations in urban and natural environments. Somewhere between architecture and sculpture, their impressive works are a
playful challange to spaces they occupy, to our same perception of them.
Using technology, sounds and lights as the main materials for their work, they are actually able to play with the physical laws of nature in order to represent a phenomenon at least elusive: the movement.

Any installation is conceived as a system the artists set up and put on, but the real interest in them is the randomness, the casuality, the invisibible subject hiding behind the concrete material. The material itself become an essence, as it happens with their sound installations: it’s not the sound the subject, but the way sound defines space. An uncontrollable result of the work.

Particularly interesting is “Wave of Matter” (2012), that could be define as an exploration of movement, sound and space.
The artwork is composed by a table with a slightly raised metal lip, containing thousands of small ball bearing which cover the surface of the table. These pieces roll as the table swing, producing the effect of an ocean wave sound and sight.

“I would say that architectural qualities are always present in our work. No matter if we are working on space or just sound. The basic themes of harmony, rhytm and perception, to name only a few, are always present when we work on
something.” (Tommi Grönlund).

gron1 gron grun6 grun5




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