The striking semplicity and lyricism of Zilvinas Kempinas artworks are his main trait.
Banal, industrial objects are actually called by the artist to compose a greater idea, as a stunning evidence that it’s not necessary to drag reality into art: a  simple everyday object can be transformed into an aesthetical element by the creative force of an individual.
Non-traditional materials, as magnetic tape, are employed to create dynamic installations: ‘Tube’, presented at the Venice Biennale in 2009, consisted of magnetic tape strung parallel to the ground, in order to create a large translucent tube that viewers could walk through. The result was astonishing, since it stroke the physical and optical experience of the obeserver and, besides, it showed up the perception of the body and architecture.

As the artist himself explains: ‘I was attracted to the physical length of the celluloid tape and how image is not contained in one rectangular frame, like traditional painting is, but is continuous and you cannot see it all at once‘.

The using of videotape is then perceived as the astract version o an infinite image, joined with others physical features as the easy-recognition, the flexibility and the duration. It’s a actually a container of visual informations, that can also be conceived as an abstract line.
Since it reacts to the wind, allows to face its kinetic potential in order to create self-balancing sculptures, with a clear intercative aspect: it’s the viewer with his body, his movement, the space he occupies that complete the artwork.

Kempinas’ works swing between sculpture and installations, avoiding any definition: they are objects. ‘Sculpture’ and ‘installation’ are terms we use to communicate, but in fact the artwork lives in-between conventional terms: a fresh and provoking point of view. that ranges over the repetitive arrangement of minimalism and the hypnotic feature of surrealism mautomatism.

“I don’t follow any particular direction. But some forms and ideas keep following me unconsciously and they come back in new shapes, so there are different  manifestations of the same.

kempinas2 kempinas3 kempinas5 kempinas6 kempinas7




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