Located in Spitsbergen Island (Norway), The Global Seed Vault has been inaugurated on February 26 of 2008: it received a shipment of 100 millions seeds, a complete ‘backup’ of Earth food-crop seed at the present time, enclosed in a structure
designed to resist nuclear bombs, global warming and projectile weapons.

Over the roof and down the front face to the entryway, Dyveke Sanne’s artwork “Perpetual Repercussion” reports the presence of the vault, remarking the quality of Arctic light with its reflective stainless steel, mirrors and prism cut into triangles of various size. The triangular segments are design to reflect the midnight sun in the summer months, while during the polar night a network of fiber-optic cables emits white and turquoise lights, reflected by the mirrors. “Perpetual Repercussion” is a gemlike installation that visually performs the Vault’s aims.

Mirrors are quite prevalent in Sanne’s installations, a prediliction dued to their inner implications. They play a double role, since they can throw the mirrored image back in its entirety as well as they can slit it up,  creating numerous fragments according to the different angles of the mirror.
Reflected image, shadows, silhouettes, twisted reflections: the artist’s point is that they all are copies of the original.
Dyveke Sanne investigates on the relationship between the individual and the others, me as the original and, at the same  time,another copy of you.
The real issue of his artworks is the desire for ‘the one’, the original we all desperately try to be, perceived as an elusive ghost we are carrying with us.

dyvekedyveke9dyveke2dyveke3 dyveke8



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