“We live in the constructed world. Fascinating is that the art is totally constructed too, and that second artificial  thing breaks the rhythm”

Latvian artist Gints Gabrāns repeatedly asked not te refer to art about his work: art should be considered the most useless element to deal with when it comes to approach to his astonishing installations, a background noise we should ignore in
order to appreciate completely their real potential. Actually, formal appearance and the aesthetic trait are considered as mere tools to propose far more important issues, connected to the individual and social preconceptions.
As the artist himself asserted: “it’s all in your head”.

Everyday action, as passing through a door, are stolen from our everyday landscape and staged in a brand new space. Totally recognizable and still somehow extraneous, his artistic motions are distinguished by their lack of balance, since
they promise the wonder of ideal without hiding the bitter irony and the incompleteness. Trapped between artifical construction and everyday reality, art and nature, fiction and fact, lie and truth.

An effective example is “Bloodlight” (2011), where Gabrāns creates portraits by projecting a laser beam through a drop of blood: the portrait is then suddenly captured on photographic paper, producing several spontaneous and amazing forms, as the laser beam reflected in blood is fractured in all the colors of spectrum. Literally, light waves.

“There is an inherent quality to existence, a tendency to create infinitely complex and beautiful patterns, structures and  forms spontaneously and ‘out of nowhere’. They are everywhere whenever we look at nature: the sand on the seashore; cloud
formations; a butterfly’s wing; the human face… Exactly the same qualities of self-organising structures manifest  themselves and can be seen in the pictures of light wave interference, part of the “Bloodlight” series of works on  photography paper where chaos and order have been equally important in the creation of the individual pieces.”





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