Maarit Murka’s artworks undoubtedly have a strong conceptual emphasis.
Mainly focused on the production of photorealistic portatraits and self-portraits, her works reveal a deep awareness of society and its dogmas, although they don’t express any critical comments: it’s a personal reflection that changes from a subject to another, from Nazism to individual privacy, from the same role of the artist to the sense of isolation of the contemporary society. Maarit Murka does not propose herself as an uncorrupted soul wandering above the common people. Her art is an experiment, always on the border, always testing her own limits, always criticizing the idea of the artist as a genius and meanwhile laughing of being an artist.

These artworks offer a unique point of view, expressed in grayscale with areas of muted color: meaningful zones, specifically chosen in order to attract the viewer sight, directing him to a particular idea. A color corruption that remind us the same
corruption of our world, in order to force our view to get deeper and grasp any gleam of trhuth. Besides, the gradations of light increase the drammatic potential of her subjects, reaching an intensity of feelings that prevent us to look away.

maarit florama full maarit5 maarit7 maarit8




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