“My art contrasts the idealized but unrealistic pictures of fictional reality with our own ideas of reality, norms and identities.”

Idealized, unrealistic, imaginary fairy-tales.
Ann Eringstam artworks are the compromise of non-realistic images and our own ideas about reality and identity, a deal the artist have made with the “utopian picture of humanity portrayed in cinema”. The point is not the difference between true and false, nor our ability to distinguish the one from the other or a matter of romantic images of nature: it’s no longer  considerable. These images transmit a sense of humanity, but only elusively.

The series “In Search of Wonderland” was shot in a landscape of compelling beauty, retrieving a reminescence of romantic nationalist genre: but suddenly, as it happens in ‘Alice in Wonderland’, the viewer is thrown into an oddly true unreality. The half-hidden female figures wandering in the nature appear to be searching for something, something always elusive, always impalpable, always unknown.
Similarly, in “Escape from Reality”, Eringstam work is focused on the parts we play because of the influence of media in our
own lives. It’s a deeply symbolical and stereotypical conception of art, revealing the artist disposition to break almost  ingrained patterns and routines: the elusive trait is suggested by the always hidden faces of subjects.

ann ann1 ann4   ann7ann5




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