“I wish to make aware the society of the incessant bombing of violent informations through televion and newpaper we are submitted to. Art is a powerful instrument to send messages and touch the viewer’ spirit in a completely different way”

Katrin Fridriks has been active on icelandic contemporary art scene for about ten years now. Architecture was her first choice as a way to express herself, connected with calligraphy studies, which deeply influenced  the kind of artwork she’s famous for. Besides, frequent recalls to Pollock and Kapoor are very present all around her art, absolutely original and recognizable.
Her impressive, hyperkinetic work on canvas are an arrangement of a strong creative energy and a completely unique technique, canalized in order to create emotional abstract painting on micro and macro level.

The immediate and explosive effectiveness of her canvas, however, carries a lot of deeper meanings often expressed by the  titles: “Gene and Ethics”, “Stendhal Syndrome” and “Raising Awareness” have the duty to introduce significant themes as genetic code and the flux of information in a society based on technology, as well as the consequances of human action on Earth. Severe reflections, even more incisive coming from such an isolated palce like Iceland.
The balance between energetic splatter and a more quiet flux of liquid is therefore connected to the conceptual idea she is trying to suggest, taking advantage of the strong impact she’s able to create on the viewers by a masterly use of spaces and choice of colours.

“Unfairly associated to street art, icelandic artist Katrin Fridriks offers us a strong and energetic oeuvre, evermore evolving. A work that cannot evoke indifference. Through environmental and political theme as the genetic research, the cloning and the exhaustion of natural resources, the artist has developped an original visual language, combining lyrical abstraction, calligraphy and conceptual installation” (Christophe Ménager, for ‘Dedicated’)

kat8 kat7 kat6 kat5 kat




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