“I believe in a single image. It breaths strong.”

Born in Helsinki, 1978, Susanna Majuri breaks into the contemporary art world with her suspended images, full of poetry, her completely original approach to photography as chosen expressive language.
Her shots are intricate constructions where the element of water glids as a narrative flow, enfolding her female characters in a previously setted scenario and lately fixing the story in a ultimate image: by observing her work the viewer is actually thrown in a dream-like atmosphere, finding himself holding his breath, reeling in the emotional involvement of the image.

Combining settings and peoples Majuri follows the logic of colors, as it’s her great conviction that photography must convey emotions. Her main purpose is to narrate feelings as novels, the multiple chances that rise touching the environment and
approaching to people and their unpredictability: there’s always an element of surprise, since the artist herself is thrown in a fictive reality during the shooting, ready to be overtaken by something that she couldn’t provide.
Water is the most impredictable element, therefore her favourite. Water can flow and carry bodies, it can be violent or quiet, it can erode mountains and gently caress the shore. Water is color, an unseizable sparkle or the deeper green. Water is the most invisible and however dense space, the balance between ground and sky.

Somewhere between surface and depths, her charatcters float beneath rippling or still water pools, hiding their faces, sometimes quietly swimming, sometimes reeling as they were escaping from a great danger. It’s the mistery, it’s the evocative power of her symbols that schocks in her works. It’s the lapping of water, that swallows bodies, stories, explanations and reasoning.

susa5 susa4 susa1 susa




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