“I cannot waste my time with the meaningless and insignificant. Otherwise I would rather busy myself with something other than art. I never play. I am very aware of what I am doing and I am aware of the responsibility. Work, as I do it, deserves exceptional attention – it is too easy to do harm. He who screams too loudly in the mountains must know that he can set off an avalanche.”

Saulius Vaitiekūnas work is clearly multidimensional.
He believes in the artist as the intermediary between the intangible and the reality, between dark and light: completely different worlds, both close to his sight and both out of his touch, as he finds himself floating in the middle. His conception of art has something to deal with an higher calling, a proper vocation he accepts with extreme seriousness. Drawing from natural inspiration, from earth and myths, he creates a meditative and immanent work that does not disqualify large-scale installations: found objects as stones are thematized, becoming expressions of eternal.

Working on rocks and metal, employing the plastic qualities is the expression of his way of thinking, which does not exclude a clear attention for the aesthetic trait, based more on the observation of natural shapes than on imagination.
Vaitiekūnas’s one is a deep conception of life: this is the reason why his work can be compared to sacred symbols, connected to a more earthly sense of magic. Art is no more a simple matter of shapes, but it’s now able to revoke their magical core and discover the great sensuality they hide: as they are released, they are perceived as a flux of androgynous  harmony. It’s a conception similar to the Buddhist idea of Kalachakra, the Wheel of Time.

“Even if I know that I could trigger a small explosion with my art, I will not stop practicing it. Perhaps this might be necessary. Maybe it is like a rainstorm that washes all the dirt out of the air, all those things that have been weighing down people all along.”

saulius saulius5 saulius4 saulius2




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