Danish artist Tina Maria Nielsen art medium is sculpture, meant as a junction of traditional conception and conteporary site-specific installation: she actually offers to the viewer a more reflective and essential view of her work,an  essentiality which is also revoked with materials she choses to work with, as bronze, iron, cement, rubber. Materials give to her sculpture a strong sense of minimalism, elegance and tactility at the same time.
Objects she proposes are actually removed by their everyday contest, and relocated in a more fluid state exactely in the middle of image and process: it’s an attempt to release them from their mere interpretations in order to revoke  subconscious factors, based on the body, on the tactile element, on the calling of sense.

Unlike a painting, in fact, sculpture is as physical as us.
Our body is naturally pushed to deal with the artwork, regardless if the object is pleasent or potentially dangerous. The artist constantly works on this figurative element of sculpture in order to awake an association, a sublimated seductive
trait and finally reach the point where idea and perception meet.

Attraction. Pure attraction for the substance.
In this conception it’s easy to understand the choice of an unusual technique as casting,as the perfect meeting between the material of art and his original model, the unique matrix from the object itself is created.
The traditional conception of sculpture is now carryied to a new expressive level, the slow physical process links with a more reflective view: we are forced to greet the object with our body, our senses, our mind. It’s a unique approach,  involving seduction and breaking each boundary between us and the space where the artwork lives.

tina9 tina7 tina4 tina3 tina2 tina1tina8



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