“What if time, like the measured ticking of a clock, actually drifts and is not so measured? What if time drifts and moments really don’t flow in sequence? In memories, we experience time drifting from a linear path and skipping moments. What moments do we actually remember?”

We are used to consider time, as well as space, as a fixed component of our perception: one minute, one hour, one day is followed by another,instants flowing in a regular sequence. And yet, space is not steady. Continents were once joined together, before the continental drift begun to change their disposition.
Jacob Felländer suggests an idea of time drifting as continents. Memories, according to his theory, become alterations of a linear path that has been diverted, even our perception of time as slow or fast could be taken back to that tiny drift  that upsets the original flux. As the philosopher Herakleitos asserted in 500BC: “Phanta rei”, everything flows.

The overall idea started as an old camera experiment, where he only partly pulled the film forward before taking the next photo: the result was a still shot film , where pictures could last four hours, a secondo, an entire life. That’s how an exhibition as “Stand Still” (2007), composed by ten pictures, could collect the impressions of five
continents in a surprising, unsynchronized optical illusion: space free, time free.

According to his philosophical conception, photography is perceived as the perfect tool to connect light, time and space. It’s not a matter of capturing a unique, significant moment: in a single frame, there is a whole whirlpool of time and perspective, the whole world in a single image. An eternal drift, where far and close, past and future suddenly lose any kind of meaning. Approaching to Felländer works it’s similar to watch the world through a prism, or a cubist artwork: it’s disorienting, and yet familiar, as in a single shoot the viewer can perceive a synthesis of an entire life.

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