Imagine a warm midsummer afternoon, imagine the quietness of latvian coutryside, the shiny colors of earth and sky, the wind gently caresses the trees. Imagine now yourself lost in this calm, staring at a tree in the background, and suddenly noticing that the tree is no longer where it was when you arrived.
This is the syntesis of  “Swelter” (2009), one of the most famous Krišs Salmanis video works.The imperceptible movement creates an almost unnoteceable displacement of reality, a perspective change that does not rely on us. Basically, things are not as we tought they were: a contemporary interpretation of “Ceci n’est Pas une Pipe”, by Magritte.

Krišs Salmanis knowingly hides traps in the everyday representation of reality.
His artworks are intuitions, grabbed ideas from the ordinary in order to express his reasoning, represented as simpler as possible. Avoiding to generalize or define his works, he states that each piece explores and idea to its fullest, including
the setting where it will be performed: a deeply conceptual idea of art deprived of any aesthetic or educational intent, focused on the question, and the right way to questioning.

kriss4 KRISS7 kriss6 kriss3 kriss kriss2 kriss1




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