With icelandic artist Finnbogi Pétursson’s works we are once more invited to deal with the space and its potential, yet with a significant difference: this time, the space approach to us through sound. Breaking through the boundaries between artistic medium, the artist melts sculpture and architecture in order to create an
intensive and multidimensional installation: sound becomes a deeply physical element, since it engraves the space itself  with his waves and natural drawings. As the chisel carves the stone, sound actually sculpts architecture through its effect on lights and water: it’s an astonishing visual cast.

Harmonies, as the pillars of a gothic cathedral, are clearly intended to influence spatial properties. Emotional effect, as well as visual aspect, is worth considering: the setting results strictly bare, completely invaded by light and music, however nothing technical is hidden. Creating a gorgeous fusion of visual and ineffable, sculpture and sound, Pétursson has demontrated a clear ability to a conjunction between an austere beauty and a complex contruction.

It’s not easy to define a main source for his work. Surely one of the most important influences comes from Iceland itself: an interesting example is the great volcano Hekla, around which it’s possible to an unearhtly, surprising sound, while you
are deeply aware of the colossal rumble the earth is producing right below. Icelandic sounds aren’t an open theme of his art, but at the sime time it suggests a marked fascination for the elemental and world-shaping forces that his native land inspires. The psychological impact, as well as the meditative trait, is one of the elements that make of his installations works of extreme and compelling beauty.

finn finn1 finn3 finn4 finn5 finn6 finn9



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