“Sometimes I accommodate my experiences, emotions and pains in another body and sometimes the inner strength of a particular person affects me and as such brings new inspirations and different points of view to my work. In terms of themes
in my works, I am constantly exploring the fragility of human existence, the two-sided human nature and our confrontation with ourselves. When working I try to turn the hidden inner corners of human beings and their pains “inside out” as well as to open up certain truths. Creativity for me, first of all, is a way of self-discovery and a new way to see the world and to rethink my understanding of it.”

Being it birth or death, creative or destructive forces, truth or lie, joy or despair, lithuanian photographer Kristina Sereikaitė is attracted by the human contrasts, its immanent nonsense.
Her unique style is focused on reminescence, unconscious associations which have nothing to share with the urbanistic and civilized landscape we are used to deal with: at the same time themes as the complexity of youth, the matter of the body, the generation change are amazing cohesive elements in our globalistic, european identity.  Her work is undoubtely marked by a certain maturity, stilistic as well as intellectual, also influenced by her studies as a film shooter. The cinematographic quality of her shoots contributes to create a romantic personification of modern society.

The core is the idea, which also influence the choice of technique.
Series as “Terra Humana” and “Innocence”, created in collaboration with the artist Ben Šarka, are an attempt of identify the original human relationship with nature. Actually, a fusion of bodies and elements not completely sacredness free: earth, as the element chosen by God to shape the human being, as the substance we are born from and we are intended to become; water, as the symbol of purity, which torture the body in order to wash away past and sins. In the end, it’s the birth of a new human being.

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