Anu Vahtra’s installations establish a complex relationship with the space they are imagined for, even if there isn’t anymore a space to relate with. Her Xerox prints are structured to literally and conceptually complete the space, a black and white false wall that breaks in the viewer perception filtering reality through a low-tech method: the result is a balanced compromise between a feeling of authenticity, based on traditional documentary photography and an idea of alienation from reality.

Vahtra’s work is mainly site-specific, therefore the experience of altered space will vanish and the conceptual element will be destroyed.

The subjects of Vahtra’s artworks are focused on the theme of mymesis, quite familiar to the artistic scope.
The contemporary trompe l’oeil she offers has a direct bond with the traditional artist attempt to deceive the observer, presenting a work of art as similar as possible to reality: however, her approach seems to be closer to an invitation than a trickery. The aim is rather to increase the viewer’s senses range, in order to get a more complete perception of space.
Besides, Vahtra’s way to use photography tends to underline the ephemeral nature of medium as well as of the installation itself. The unique trait of her works is the sense of suspense, the suspention between a reality that no longer exist and a transient photographic memebrane: it’s the slight veil, dropped to underline the boudary between the reminescence and the unknown.

anu4 anu5 anu2 anu1 anu




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