“There is another side of Sofia Änghedes photographs. It’s connected to the equipment that makes the images possible, since in a camera the result depends on time and light. If There is light, the camera can capture the moment. Time is so short that it isn’t even noteceable, but light and dark determine the outcome. Änghedes images are not only arduous to understand, their visual impact is based on the ‘battle’ between art shutter speed and her own work with light and movement. Her photographs capture parts of a body or objects through different time sections, it’s actually light which writes the image: Änghedes images are literally photographs.”
– Håkan Nilsson


Sofia Änghedes’ brush is the light, meant as the sudden flash of a lightning: she actually creates electrified images.
Her artistic experiments have clearly a bond with the photographic history, starting from the same concept of writing with light: is there a better definition of photography than ‘a story written by light’? The entire early decade of the Twentieth century has been marked by chemical and conceptual experiments about such an intriguing enigma.


Lightnings envelopping bodies and objects, in a deep analysis that includes the physical side of people perception. Her approach somehow recalls the x-rays working, as it happens in one of her work from the “Second Dimension” series: light
loops run along parallel horizontal lines, creating a proper energetic field deriving from the character in the middle. It’s a unique way to explore space and our perception of it, where our same presence is translated as a electrical discharge which propagates in the air.
The result is a dream-like atmosphere, awfully similar to a near-death experience, emotionally charged by the reference to something we can all feel but that cannot be identify.

sofia6 sofia5 sofia3 sofia2 sofia1



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