“I try to understand the unfathomable.”

Andris Eglītis’ works are often wrongly linked to echo-realism, or depicting triviality
On the contrary, By using figurative painting tools, the latvian artist explores the space between imagination and reality, abstraction and shape: his installations of wood, electric cables and bricks are illuminated by a romantic chiaroscuro in order to evoke a specific reflection, an inner meaning also connected to the dissolution of industrial production. Everyday objects are the starting point of a mythical reality reasoning, including historical, social and artistic references with the main purpose to trigger a certain expected reaction in the viewer.

In each exhibition the artist uses a different artistic method and technique, in order to bring reality into the installation room: the masterly use of lights and shadows, the ability to build a dramatic scenario with the aim to inspire a certain feeling in the viewer are the most interesting traits of his creative system. Every cycle of paintings, every setting, every inner analysis creates a different description of reality, and therefore a different perception of it: the search is directed to reveal the key of his emotions, and to awaken them in the viewer.

andris8 andris7 andris5 andris4 andris



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