Herkki-Erich Merila is quite a renouned estonian photographer, whose work is based on monochromatic analysis of body. The most unique trait of his artistic approach is the element of anonymity: far from an identity investigation, his work convey on elegance and a strong aesthetic sense, even a certain erotic charge. The point of his analysis is not the exploration of the subject’s thoughts, feelings or unconscious drives, but the certain effect of the result.

An effective example is Merila’s series “Kimbaku”, linked to the japanese erotic practice: it’s an aesthetized presentation of body where nothing is what it seems, where ropes simulate the presence of a cage, where lights and shadows interweave on flash in order to recall a certain sense of suspance.

Besides his artistic vision is quite indebted to scenographic and cinematographic parameters: spotlights caressing his anonymous model’ skin recall a black and white movie, the annihilated scenes where the body stands out with his unbereable sense of loneliness resemble to a stage crossed by the dancer durinf his final act. Ultimately, nudity significantly increase the viewer sense of vulnerability.

herkki8 herkki6 herkki4 herkki3





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