The videos, photographs and installations by Icelandic artist Sigurður Guðjónsson provide quite an atmospherical feature. They actually drag the viewer into a mysterious, dark world full of symbolic and mythological creatures: it’s a masterly combination of his native country natural mysticism and the soft, grim side of Vienna, where he studied for several years.
His installations are actually imagined as creative arenas, where the simultaneous interplay of sound and images invites the viewer’s imaginations, where there isn’t a proper legibility, nor a strict narrative path.  The result is a physical as well as emotional experience, the fragment of an apparition we are curiously familiar with, a cryptic sight combined with an equally enigmatic symphony.

A particularly accurate trait is the attention to grotesque action of the players and to the
unaware witness, the viewer, who find himself caught in the middle of a ritual he cannot  entirely understand. The spiritual atmosphere retrieve non-verbal but universally experienceable states of mind.

Guðjónsson’s experience in music field also resonates in his work, where the two most powerful forces of this world deal with each other: human nature and nature itself. An equal care for music and image creates a fascinating combination of mysticism, desolation, melancholia and at the same time reflects a tangle of feelings universally felt and acknowledged.

sigurdur5 sigurdur8 sigurdur7 sigurdur




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