“States of mind are reflected in the given moment, crawling closer to reality from beneath the layer of paint. The uncovered, undisguised human nature manifests its internal beauty. The human character that guides our fate is revealed to the viewer.
The world is happening.”

Sirje Petersen (b. 1959) has chosen the most difficult and seductive field of investigation than ever: herself.
Her work is mainly autobiographical, depicting a woman who is searching for her place though in constant changing. It’s a point of view deeply aesthetc and grounded in pleasure, influenced by everithing the artist sees and feels: as the viewer finds himself thrown in her inner essence, he’s forced to investigate his own in order to question every single assurance he has built over time.
Also, Petersen never gives explanations to her paintings: if her work is effective there can be no questions about its  meaning, since there isn’t such thing as a wrong or right message. Each observer will see something that belongs only to him.

Every single painting with its colours, its patterns, its spiritual meaning is unique and cryptic. There are no longer dogmas as past and present, the observer faces an autobiographical memory with its subjective time: with her strong sense of pitoresque, the human body becomes the medium to confront perceptions and thoughts, to visualize them without knowing if  there will be any answers.
Escaping time and its claims, exiting even herself in order to express and share: this is art, according to Sirje Petersen.

“How not to drop myself or let myself be dissolved? Learning to accept myself the way I discover myself at a given moment”

sirje_protsin_punases_2_f thumbs_ei-tunne thumbs_budapest sirje



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